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When Vic gets the call, she knows she shouldn't be nearly so excited. This call means that there's a chance that people are dead, and almost certainly people are hurt. So her joy at having a case to work is tempered with guilt for feeling happy... though, she tells herself that people would be hurt whether or not she got the call, and she'd be happy even if her favorite ghost hunters were just calling her to get coffee. And she even thinks that might be the truth, that she'd be happy with just coffee. She hopes that's the truth.

After quickly rescheduling her father/son movie night, she gears up, with Jude arguing all the while. ("But, dad, we planned this. Dad, it's Guardians. There's a raccoon! He talks!" And from Victor, a quick, "I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you, we'll do an Avengers double-feature." "What about Wolverine?" "I hate that movie." "So do I. But I know that you hate it more." "Well played. Good form. I'd watch Wolverine a hundred times if it meant you forgive me!")

"I love you, kid. You listen to Cole, yeah?" She presses a kiss to his forehead and PINs to Ed's place.

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Ed's new place in DC is located in Tenleytown, within walking distance of American University, where Ed and his roommates are attending college. Like the old one, it's on one of the upper levels of their building. All of the furniture from his and Kat's old place came with them, though it's been rearranged to accommodate the new floorplan. They've got a decent view of the cityscape, too—which, in 3002 (almost 3003), is so huge it's basically merged with Baltimore.

When Vic gets there, Ed briefly flashes her a grin, in the midst of gearing up himself, loading and checking his new Beretta 9mm handgun, which he holsters on his left hip when he's done. "I hope Sam and Dean's timing wasn't as bad for you as it is for me," he remarks wryly, tugging his jacket and coat on.

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Ed lets out a wry chuckle. "I'm sure he'll forgive you eventually. And I've definitely got my own timing issue that has the potential to be awkward. I'll explain when they get here." He finishes getting ready and straightens, leaning against the nearest wall while he waits for the Winchesters to show up.

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Ed would've had some beer ready for them, but he's still underage for alcohol. Not so much for guns or voting anymore, though, as is made obvious by the Beretta on his hip. (And Ed has probably done target practice with the brothers on more than a few occasions.) He grins proudly at Vic's words and agrees, "Yep. She's a genius." He lets the grin fade down to a smile, then adds, "So, there's a slight hitch, guys. Nothing that's gonna stop me from helping, of course, but still a bit of a wrinkle."

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"Little wrinkle," Ed answers with a reassuring smile. "I've just got another friend over right now, and it seems bad form to up and leave him by his lonesome, especially since he could be useful to have along."

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The grin returns again, but instead, Ed motions for them to follow him, and leads them out onto the balcony.

Cipher Nine is relaxing in a chaise lounge with a book on Greek mythology in hand. He glances up when he hears the balcony door open, and gives Victor a small, friendly smile, shutting the book with a quiet snap and sitting up. "Victor. It's been awhile." He turns to regard Sam and Dean next. "And... you must be the Winchesters."

Ed is keeping a wary eye on the situation. He figures Sam and Dean might very well explode upon seeing Cipher Nine, given that Cipher Nine doesn't look entirely human. He hopes not, though.

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Ed moves to restrain Dean as well, having been prepared for this possibility. "Definitely one of the good guys," Ed agrees, though the actual truth is a little more complicated. Cipher Nine is more of an anti-hero/villain than a real hero, but just because he's loyal to the Sith Empire doesn't make the Überspy one of the bad guys.

Cipher Nine, meanwhile, arches an eyebrow at Vic, as though to say, 'Rather pointless, I know how to defend myself', and was in the midst of reaching for his blaster pistol himself, though once Dead lowers his gun, he steadily draws his hand away from the blaster a little. He gives Sam a nod of thanks, then frowns a little, puzzled. "Sam, yes? Edward said you were from a different reality. How did you recognize what species I am?"

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Ed doesn't say anything in response, just sort of shrugs a shoulder. He's terrible at lying to Cipher Nine outright. By omission is a little better, but not much. So he's learned to avoid lying to him like the plague if he wants to avoid the stern glares.

Cipher Nine's expression remains flat and neutral as he regards the Winchesters. "I know a lie when I hear one, gentlemen," he replies calmly. "You can't lie to a professional liar. We know all the tells."

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Very hard, especially if he were to play with Cipher Nine, a student of interpersonal body language, among many other things. Cipher Nine has been taking in details about the brothers pretty much since he saw them, making observations and suppositions about them from what said observations, and from what Ed's told him about the two. At Vic's words, he nods, and replies, "Alright. Fair enough."

The tension Ed's been carrying releases slowly, and he breathes out a little. "So, what's the case, guys? Anything our Überspy here might be able to help with?"

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Cipher Nine glances over at Dean for a moment, then gives a slight smile. "That kind of knee-jerk reaction is hard to turn off. Don't worry about it."

Ed, meanwhile, frowns at Sam's words. "You're right, definitely sounds strange, at least as far as your hunter buddy not answering his phone after he called you for help goes. He give you any other details?"

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"But just because it sounds easy doesn't mean it will be," Ed notes. "Your friend may be in trouble. We haven't got much time to waste." He nods seriously at Cipher Nine. "Cipher Nine can help. He's a good guy. And he makes James Bond look like a pansy. It's your call if you want him along, though."

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Ed grins and turns to Cipher Nine. "Make sure you've got some iron on you. I can transmute your knives if need be."

"They're durasteel," Cipher Nine answers with a twitch of one shoulder. "They already have iron in them. Unless it has to be pure iron?"

"Has to be pure iron," Ed answers with a shake of his head, stretching out one hand. Cipher Nine hands draws out his tri-bladed knives and passes them to Ed, who quickly transmutes them to iron before handing them back. "You'll also need a gunpowder weapon... Do you guys have any spares?" he asks Sam and Dean. "Because I don't." He could get in trouble just carrying his Beretta outside his flat here in DC.

((I think I might make this the scene in which Ed comes up with his bullet transmutation—the one in which he changes what substance the bullet chambered in his gun is made of just as it's being fired :P))
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Cipher Nine gives Dean a bemused smile and holds up a hand to stop him just barely after he starts demonstrating. He then removes the pistol's clip, checks it, reloads it, chambers a round, flips the safety on, and swaps it for the blaster in his holster in several deft, quick, and completely sure movements. "No need for a tutorial," he says with a small smile. "I've been around firearms since I was eleven. Gunpowder isn't in use anymore where I'm from, but I'm still familiar with the technology."

"And I doubt she'd be willing to learn," Ed adds to Sam. He's still a relative beginner with guns, but he's come quite a ways from his first shooting lesson with Jack. It took Ed a few months to overcome his initial aversion to firearms; Victor, he's sure, wouldn't do well with them at all.

((It is :P Also, I figure Ed has a number of different people he does target practice with at this point. Namely: Jack and the Torchwood crew, Cipher Nine, and Sam and Dean.))

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Ed frowns a little at Vic's words. "You know, Vic, I'm all for you learning guns if you really want to, but... one of the cardinal rules is to never point a gun at anything you don't intend to kill and/or destroy. Knowing you, you usually aren't willing to do that. So that might be for the best."

"He's right," Cipher Nine agrees. "Guns kill. If you aren't prepared to accept that possibility, then it's best if you don't use them." He checks a few other devices he's got on hand, then looks up at Ed, Sam, and Dean. "Anything else I have need of?"

Ed considers for a moment, remembers something, then grimaces. "You'll need your disguise projector," he admits, a little reluctantly. "There's a pretty big Sunnydale factor in their world, but it's still best to keep a low profile."

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Cipher Nine arches an eyebrow and lets out a quiet snort of amusement as he watches Dean, then says, "I'll be right back." He PINs out and returns a second later with a new device on his belt, adjusting a few settings on it before flicking the activation switch. There's a brief flicker of blue light over him before a completely life-like image of a young human man, with the same facial features as Cipher Nine, the same burn scars, the same style and texture of hair. The difference is, he is now fair-skinned, with light blue eyes and light brown hair. "There," he says once the hologram is in place. "Shall we?"


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