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oh mary i'm not coming home too soon

tell all our babies that daddy has gone to the moon

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Birthdate:Jul 1
Name: Victor Allen
Age:1920 21
Likes: Coffee, painting, art in general, writing, hats, robots
Dislikes: Arguing, when there isn't coffee. Bodily fluids, nudity, butterflies, dead things. Let's hope she never runs into a coffeeless naked entomology party of zombie butterflies.
Notes: She's pretty well-adjusted! She has low self-esteem, but she's happy with her life and she's happy with what she does. She does tend to pretend to be her own alternate sometimes because the Nexus is a very big place and she considers playing make-believe to be her right as a member of a multiverse. Sometimes she even pretends to be a superhero or a fellow.
Though pretending to be a superhero is no longer entirely pretending. She does hero work with the help of [info]backnthesaddle and tons of gadgets. Her codename is Doc, and she insists that "the city is sick." He's Surge (short for Surgeon) even though neither of them have medical degrees.

She is human. Her entire world is normal. Entirely normal, except for Nexus portals. (That is to say, no paranormal, no magic, no aliens, no vampires, no supertechnology.)
She has a Texan accent thick enough to spread on bread. that's getting a little more toned down, though she's still pretty Southern in her vocalizations.
She is not real--as in, totally a RP character. Within the constraints of her own world, she's pretty real. And she's an original character.
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